Wednesday 5 May 2010


Artemis: Something IMPORTANT is happening and I am telling everyone about it.
Athene: I agree.
Rachael: Please be quiet. Seriously.
At: I agree.
R. Stop. Trumpeting. *changes water*
Ar: But but but but!
At: What she said.
R: !!!!!
Ar: See. Told you. Tooooold yoooou...
At: She did...
R: It's an EGG! A tiny little EGG! Who laid this?
Ar: Well we're not telling you that.

[approx 1 hour later]

Ar: *is in Eglu*
R: I don't think they are, Athene. They thought you were near laying, but not Artemis...
Ar: Anything you can do I can do bettah...
At: I'm a clever chicken. I KNOW THINGS.
R: Believe me when I say you are not a clever chicken, my darling.
Ar: I can do anything better than yoooou...
At: I'll eat a dandelion then.
Ar: Yes I can, yes I can, yes I can
At: Should've called me Cassandra
Ar: Yes I can. I'm like Barawkbawkbawk Obama
At: I agree.
Ar: I shall now remove my feathery little bottom and show you that I TOO HAVE LAID AN EGG. And mine's bigger'n all.

Day six with us and the eggs have landed! They were teeny weeny - Athene's 36g (pale) and Artemis' 41g (brown) and let me tell you internets they made perfect poached eggs. I'm so proud of the girls!


  1. We had boiled eggs with our chickens' first eggs, and then carefully washed them out so as to keep them, upside down in egg cups! Is that *very* sad...

    That said, when you look back on them, the colour and size have changed!

    I'm assuming from your post that when one is in the coop laying the other makes the most dreadful noise (we assume because she's lonely). That's why we got two more to have four, 'cos if you have one more the two old-guards bully the new one, but two on two is okay and then they have company when one is laying. Plus you get more eggs (useful when they stop laying to molt!)... :-)

  2. I wish I'd thought of that!

    They're not toooo bad. Athene has often laid before they're out in the run (and she is now at least using the nesting box) - they're much quieter about it now that the intial excitement has worn off. (she says, tempting fate...)

    I'd love another two but I think that might send Simon over the edge...